6 signs you may be falling for the wrong Cuban guy

Falling in love with locals while traveling happens to so many people all around the world. I think is amazing to have international relationship and it´s completely normal to have one. However you should always be careful when it comes to dating Cubans. I know it sounds ridiculous since I am married to one…

So many of girls goes to Cuba looking for amazing holidays, mojitos, salsa and white sand beaches. Most of them don´t plan to get involved with local guys, not even mentioning about finding a boyfriend there. How come then the same girls finish spending all their money in flight tickets and visas to get their loved ones out of Cuba? The other ones finish heartbroken after discovering that the love that was promised through the IMO was not real and their Cubans have somebody else.

But on the other hand there are so many great guys out there. I have so many friends who end up super happy after marrying a Cuban guy. So how can you ever be sure if you´re falling into a good guy or the bad guy? I have some tips totally based on my own observations and stories I´ve been told. The histories without happy ends unfortunately.

So if you´re falling for a Cuban this is what you should be looking at (in my opinion of course!) :

1. 👨‍❤️‍👩Age difference. For me age is just a number. I am 3 years older than Fidel. My mum is 7 years older than my dad (34 years together!!). But…Cubans are known for looking for older Yumas to get involved with. Women in their 30’s and 40’s are more likely to have money. 20 year old girls are still in college or not earning as much as some guys would expect them to. Also ladies who have been single for some time fall in love quite quick. And these guys know it. I know ladies who brought home Cubans, who were younger than them. They are single now, and their loved ones? Ended up back in Cuba or left with another girl. Just something to be careful about.

2. 💍 He proposes very quickly. If you met your guy one day, spent another few in his town and after you exchange the contact he proposes, there may be something suspicious about it. Would you accept a guy whom you’ve known for 2 weeks if he wasn’t this handsome Cuban with beautiful smile and salsa moves? By proposing, Cubans just take the shot. For them it’s a chance for a better life and they don’t even risk anything. You will be the one paying for everything, worrying for everything, if he gets the passport, if they will give him a visa, if he can stay with you in your country. He will continue chilled like always.

3. 🤐There’s a communication issue. If you don’t speak fluent Spanish and he doesn’t speak English or your language, there may be a problem. He will say that it doesn’t matter, that you understand each other and the body language is the most important. In reality how can you think seriously about somebody you have a hard time to talk to. The conversations in the beginning may be very basic and you won’t see it but not being able to discuss important stuff gets really frustrating.

4.💰There’s a money issue. Most of guys who wants to leave Cuba are smart. They will not ask you for money straight away. They will do it later. They will tell you about how bad and poor the life in Cuba is and how expensive the internet is. And you will end up recharging their phone (because by now you can’t imagine your day without IMO chat with him) , buying them stuff and leaving them money.

5.🕺He’s too perfect. I know it’s a dream of all of us 🙂 But if you found this great looking Cubano, and you fell like you were in the 7th heaven because here you are in the middle of Cuba and this guy is dancing with you and all the girls envy you. But remember that Latin guys are born with the “great lover gene”. They know exactly what to do, exactly what to say to make you theirs. and hot Cuban weather and strong rum make the perfect scenario to introduce you. Who doesn’t want to be able to say back home that they had this amazing Latino romance in Cuba? And if they’re too perfect maybe it’s because they have big experience in doing what they do. Just a thing to consider.

6.🤵He doesn’t work. The wages in Cuba are not that good I know. But if somebody choose not to work and still goes out and stay connected online all the time you should be asking yourself where is all the money coming from…

I know it all sounds horrible. I really don’t want to discourage you to date Cubans 🙂 🇨🇺 I just wanted to answer the ultimate question you’re asking me in your emails : how to know if the guy is not just trying to scam you and how to avoid being scammed in Cuba.

I wonder what your experiences are. I love to listen to the loves stories 🙂 ❤️❤️❤️

And how does the right guy looks like? For me like this 🙂




4 thoughts on “6 signs you may be falling for the wrong Cuban guy

    • Hi Lola! Well i kind of trusted on my guts. I observed him. I observed how he treated others and me. And went there for few months just to be sure it was it. I dont think i would invite him before having this 121 time in Cuba. We lived together for few months and then i knew he was honest.


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