🇬🇧 Cuba with kids

A lot of people ask me is it a good idea to go to Cuba with kids. I don´t have kids myself. But after living in Cuba I have few observations.

It´s not like Cuba has any ban for families with kids or something. Cubans love kids and people have them in Cuba all the time. And they raise them and those kids grow up with no problems. However products you consider basic in your bag like wipes for example, in Cuba are not existing luxury.

If your kid is 5 or older you won´t have that many problems but remember that it may a bit boring for a child to visit all those monuments with no access to Internet.

If you´re thinking about going to Cuba with a smaller child who still uses diapers, creams and all those items you can easily buy anywhere in the world think twice. In Cuba you won´t find any of these. Cuban kids are raised with cloth diapers and when they high fever for 3 days everybody waits until it passes. Because the pharmacies have rather limited choice of medicines.

Also remember that cars will not be prepared for kids. If there are no seatbelts, don´t think there will be some car seat for kids available.

Also when it comes to the sanitary conditions, there are things you may want to consider. Even on the main bus stations or at the airport! the toilets are  really basic and rather dirty. Often there´s no toilet paper, no lock, no running water. This is not a greatest place for changing your baby´s diaper. But hey, Cuban women do it all the time.

The easiest way to imagine how your holidays in Cuba would look like, is to ask your parents about how things were when you were born. It´s not easy but not impossible. People are having kids in much worse conditions and you will be there only for few days. However I imagine is not easy to get use to this when back home  everything is accessible everywhere.

My advise is to think it twice. You may opt to travel to Cuba with everything with you. It may be quite annoying but at least you’ll be sure you won’t run out of things.

You may also choose to stay in one of the resorts. Those places have better infrastructure and more things available for your kids to do. This list shows you the best Kid-Friendly hotels in Varadero.

And if you run out of diapers or wipes? Don’t panic. Cuban kids live without all these thing and just look how happy they are 🙂


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