🇬🇧 Is it safe for girls to travel solo around Cuba?

If you are planning to go to Cuba for the first time and you´re female you might have some concerns. Cuba for someone who has never been there may look a bit dangerous. Dirty towns, not much internet, Latin guys who go crazy every time they see a blond girl passing by and almost not existing public transport. This may scary few girls out there.

When I went to Cuba for the first time the information in the Internet about travelling around was quite limited. I did not know what to expect really. After years of traveling and months of living there I must say: Cuba is one of the safest places out there. And it certainly is safe for the girls, even those traveling solo.

First of all Cuba is one of those counties where you don´t really have to worry about terrorism, too much crime and drugs. Since the island is still quite a closed place all the shitty things tend to stay away.

Cuba is a fun place and I think you will enjoy it actually more if you go alone. Unless your boyfriend is a salsa lover 😉 Cuba is so musical that is really hard to stay still. However most of European guys (and I say this from my observations) go out and just sit out there, even if his partner is crazy about hitting the dance floor.  If you travel alone you´ll be never bored. You´ll always find a Cubano ready to dance with you.

As a tourist you are protected in Cuba. Tourism is what´s make Cuba going that´s why no one wants that something bad happens to you. By talking to you too much some people may be in trouble. To disturb a traveler on his holidays in Cuba is considered a crime. The worse thing that may happen to you is to loose your bag if you leave it somewhere unattended.

Cubans are really genuine as well, so things like putting drugs in your drink don´t come their mind. Maybe they will try to make you paying for their drinks but that´s it.

What about taking taxis solo? You´ll be fine as well. I took a 2h drive from Havana Airport to Viñales at 1 am and arrive perfectly fine. I even managed to get some sleep. Remember that taxis give a great income to their owners and losing it would be the worse that could happen to them. That´s why they will make sure nothing will happen to you while you´re in their Chevrolet.

When it comes to other transportation I really recommend Viazul. It´s really safe and on time.

Going out? Not a problem as well. I am not afraid to walk alone by night. However in every country there are neighborhoods that even local people avoid. Make sure your feet does not stand there and you´ll be just fine. Especially if you travel with girlfriends.

Make sure you know some Spanish before you go or that one of your friends does. It makes your life in Cuba easier. Also Cubans tend to respect more Yumas who know their mother tongue.

You use your sex to trade in Cuba. You know Latins, they will be happier to help few nice girls than a mixed group. It may be sexist but that´s Cuba. Take advantage of it. What if you get too close with a Cuban boy? Then read my article about love in Cuba 🙂 because some romances in Cuba do not have a happy end.

You may be concerned that if something happens to you you will not have chance to contact your family or friends because of how limited the internet is.  The internet is limited. That´s true but you want to know another truth? Cubans are are really helpful and if something happens to you you can count on your Casa owner for example.

And for the last, have fun. Cuba is a beautiful, colorful, musical island. And don´t be afraid. It is safe. It´s much more dangerous to walk in La Rambla in Barcelona, trust me 🙂


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