🇬🇧 Love in Cuba. Part 2

When I started this subject I had no idea it will be the most popular one on this blog! Girls from all over the world messaged me to ask for advise and ask me the ultimate question: how did you know that your Cuban boyfriend was really in love with you?img_20160824_170326

Well, I didn´t actually. Before I went to Cuba I haven´t done much research. Maybe it was naive but I went to Cuba without being aware of the bad fame Cuban man had. It was all my intuition. A lot of men tried to speak to me or dance with me and I just didn´t trust them. Not because they were the bad Cubans, I just didn´t.

Why did I trust Fidel then? Maybe because I haven´t met him on any party. Maybe because I haven´t seen him at any party.  Maybe because he was introduced to me by a Casa Particular owner (his sister in law) where I stayed twice before and I trusted her. Maybe because he just asked me out for dancing. Without saying all that crap of how beautiful my eyes were.

After travelling to Cuba more and more and finally after moving there I found out that tourists are just an easy target. Cubans are latins, they know we like them. They know we all want to dance salsa and we all dream about a Spanish speaking mulatto to fall in love with us. And they think they know how rich we are.

Cubans are poor and most of them never left the island. Maybe that´s why they call all the foreigners “Yumas” or “turistas”. Like we were from a different planet or something. From the planet of plentiful where money grows on the trees and everything comes easy to us. Yeah right.

That´s why they don´t feel bad when asking us for money. Why would they if we have all this money of the world. But that´s just the reality they grew in. And you a traveler from the Yuma planet, you can magically change their life. This gives you +100 to your attractiveness 🙂

When I red this article about this Canadian woman who was dumped 3 days after her Cuban husband arrived to her country I was pissed.  Because if it happened to her after 3 years of relationship, marriage and acting, how can you be ever sure if your Cuban will not dump you as well.

But if only leaving Cuba was their only goal. Many guys actually don´t want to leave. They are having a sweet life doing nothing in Cuba. They would often live with parents or rent a cheap room somewhere where there´s a lot of tourists. Those guys go out every night to dance, drink rum and see their friends. And sometime this Yuma shows up and they get involve in a few day affair. Sometime they wouldn´t even ask you for money at all. But they will tell you a sad story of how poor they are and you´ll just feel so sorry about them and leave some money. What the heck, it´s just 20$. For them it´s enough to party until you leave and they find another one.

And we girls are just more emotional. We fall in love quickly. And those guys know it. And a girl in love will do a lot right? Right, I moved to a Cuban countryside myself…

What would be my advise for romances in Cuba? Be careful. Despite the fact that some people just want some money from you, some people are more than genuine. I know plenty of great couples. Cubans like us get married, have kids and families. They are not all bad. I promise.

But if you meet someone who doesn´t work -that should be a sign. Person who want to help his family would work even for few dollars a month.

If someone works in tourism-that should be a sign. It may mean nothing really but if they have contact with tourist most likely you are not the first and not the last one they´re with. Even if you really want to believe it.

If someone is out every night – that should be a sign. You can go out a lot but being out every night in Cuba is not fun, is more likely a lifestyle. Besides, who would have money for this in Cuba with so many other needs at home.

If someone tells you how poor they are – that should be a sign. Men usually do not like to look poor in front of the girls. Unless they want to make you feel sorry for them.

But my ultimate advise is go to Cuba and have fun. And if you meet someone who you like give them a chance. But don´t invest your feelings in every guy out there who´ll tell you how pretty you are. Look how does he behave. Because no matter where in the world you are the actions will tell you more than 1000 words 🙂

And what´s your Cuban love story? Did it end bad or good?

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