šŸ‡¬šŸ‡§ Why do we all want to live in Cuba?

Cuba is one of these places that steal your heart in a second really. I hear all the time people saying that they would love to live there.

I know it’s easy to say when you’re on holidays, stay in comfortable B&B’s, drink your cocktails and don’t have to worry about anything.

But I have lived in Cuba and hopefully I will be living there soon again. Beside the fact I had a bigger budget that an average Cuban, I still lived in a wooden house in the countryside with one third of he things I was use to. And I love it. You all know I did. And I miss living in Cuba badly.

And I’m not the one. All the time I receive massages from girls who fell in love with Cuba and looking for a way to get there for longer. And despite it’s not easy, it’s not impossible. Trust me there are ways to move to Cuba. the easiest is to be there on the family visa for 6 months and then leave for few days in order to go back for another 6 months.

And here are few reasons why people like me love this Caribbean Island so much. All these things compensate the fact that when living in Cuba I lack so many things.


I mean…Caribbean. Even if it gets really hot sometimes and the hurricanes are messing up with Cuba a lot it’s just great to live in a place where the sun comes out almost every day. Living in the Caribbeans also mean you always have a white sand beach around and so many delicious tropical fruits as you like. Ā AncĆ³n beach fot. Tanja More0081670131701880461330491601981350501190680230166


Cubans are just my people. What can I say. Cubans are so warm and fun. And they have amazing sense of humor. They really put family and friends on the first place. The rest comes after. They are easy to talk to and meet. You will always find somebody to talk to while waiting in a line to the bank. And it’s not weird.Ā 20160623_18463220160828_13593320160514_145801


Cuba is so musical and colorful. If you go out once in Cuba probably you fall in love with this country even more. Salsa, son and other Cuban rhythms will just steal your heart. People are dancing at homes, at schools, at the parties, during their Afro Cuban rituals. And they dance for fun. And it’s amazing. Local squares are always full of people by the late hours.


Cuba is one of the safest countries out there. No terrorism, low rate of crimes. You feel safe when you walk down the street. And the worse what happened to me in Cuba was the day that somebody stole the light bulb from our patio šŸ™‚ And we were locking our doors like this.Ā 20160514_134713

The unique landscapesĀ 

Colorful colonial Ā architecture, old American cars, beautiful valleys, amazing beaches…What else would you need to fall in love with a place? Cuba is green and bright and colorful. If you live in a grey, European country where the sky is dark grey half of the time you really get crazy about all the colors in Cuba. Ā They just make the life better.ViƱales fot. Tanja MoreMalecĆ³n fot. Tanja More10959352_10205987178421732_2626153190739313195_n20160619_150857

Relaxed lifestyle

The life goes slowly in Cuba. Maybe Cubans are poor but Cuba is one of those places where people don’t work too much. They cherish their free time more than money. You’ll find them chatting to each other, drinking bear or watching TV during the work hours. This is just the way they are. And let’s face it…after a life focused on career and money and material stuff we all get crazy imagining how our life could be in Cuba.Ā MalecĆ³n musician fot. Tanja More20160509_174609-120160502_12273520151116_170440480

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