🇬🇧 Sweet 15

Every culture has its own age which marks a person and it´s  border line between one´s childhood and adulthood. For Europeans is turning 18, for Americans 21. For Cubans, as well as to other Latin countries - 15 called Quinceañera. But it applies to girls only. Boys don't get to have their big, magic, exaggerate party. … Continue reading 🇬🇧 Sweet 15

🇬🇧 Religion in Cuba

Most of Cubans are considered Catholic. However Cuban churches are empty. Most of people has wives and husbands. But nobody is actually getting married. Cubans laugh at Catholics prayers. But they are sure that rolling a coconut around the house will scare the bad spirits away. So what do Cubans believe in? Catholicism in Cuba … Continue reading 🇬🇧 Religion in Cuba

🇬🇧 Active ways to spend your time in Cuba

There are three types of travelers in my opinion. Those who cherish the culture and want to see as much sights as they can. Those who just want to rest after months of working and chose to spend 2 weeks on the beach. And then those who don't feel complete if on their free time, … Continue reading 🇬🇧 Active ways to spend your time in Cuba

🇬🇧 Why isn’t Cuba a place for Backpackers?

I love backpackers. You all know I do. I am one of them. I went to so many places on the budget. But Cuba...Cuba is not one of those places I'm afraid. Prices in Cuba are quite high but still not very different from what we are use to. Why then we expect to pay … Continue reading 🇬🇧 Why isn’t Cuba a place for Backpackers?