🇬🇧 My real Cuban life

We’ve been in Cuba for almost a month now. But it’s been quite busy I must say. We started to work closer with some Polish travel agencies and for the last month we’ve been giving tours around Cuba and mostly in our Viñales.
My family visa is all sorted so I can live in Fidel’s house with no problems. This time we haven’t rented anything. The 40 CUC rent we had last year, now is impossible to find. Also the contruction is ongoing so we try to save money everywhere. 20171119_131146.jpg
My life in Cuba this time look slightly different than last year. Don’t be fooled by the photos of the american cars and white sand beaches. This is not how my real life in Cuba looks like. Not completely at least 🙂
We life with Fidel’s mum in a wooden house where the walls are 2 meters high and do not reach the roof. Privacy is something that doesn’t exist here.20171124_150725.jpg
We don’t have running water so our day starts with filling everything we can with water from the tank behind our house. This water is used to shower, to flash the toilet, to cook (we have water filters of course). 20171126_164819
Cooking and washing dishes without running water in a basic Cuban is rather challenging but I’m getting used to have to wash the dishes with two small pots. One with detergent and one with clean water. 20171128_12265820171127_18374020171127_182549
To shower I have to heat the water first anc then shower with a small cup like this. 20171127_191421
One of the girls who visited me here said she admire me and couln’t live like that. Maybe because of climate, maybe because of people or maybe because I’ve been to Cuba so many time I don’t lack these things. If you think twice most of human population live without water.
I miss Internet sometimes, especially when writing a blog for you guys 🙂 But at least it’s cheaper this year and costs 1CUC (last year it was 2 CUC per hour). 20171123_153520.jpg
But do I miss having normal shower and dish washer? Not really. Believe me or not, I’m happier in this wooden little house that I was in my cozy apartment in Lisbon. Also the new house is growing fast 😉 20171127_172601-1

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