🇬🇧 Family visa in Cuba

So today the post about A-2 visa aka family visa in Cuba. I receive so many mails from you asking (I promise to respond to all of yoou but be patient, Internet in Cuba is what it is) how to get it and what’s needed that here it goes.
First of all to get family visa (A-2) you need to enter Cuban teritory with Tarjeta de Turista (A-1). In theory you have 48h hours to get to the Imigration office to change it. In reality Cuban offices work slow and do not work on weekends so it may take few days.
Always register in a Casa Particualar for the first night or two. They will ask and check where you’re staying. At least that’s what happens to me everytime here in Viñales. I was even given advice by the imigration officer to register somewhere even if I wasn’t staying there. Maybe you have different experience from different places? If you do, please share it 🙂
You don’t need to be married to get A-2 visa.  However married you will be able to stay for 6 months, if you aren’t married – for 3 months. Last year I asked for family visa before we got married. After 3 months I was asked to provide Marriage Certificate.
To get A-2 you have to go to the local imigration office with your friend/partner/spouse. And both of you will be checked. Your horrible photo from the airport (at least mine was) will appear on the screen together with all your moves in Cuba. Cubans will be checked as well. If he/she was before registered in Casas with other foreigners, or is known to the police or imigration (for any reason really) you may not get the approval. I know cases like that. So be prepared for this option.
Documents needed to change the visa from tourist to family:
– your passport and visa
– marriage certificate if you have one
– your friend/partner/spouse ID
– medical insurance
– bank stamps for 40 CUC (available in almost evey bank)
– ID of the person who owns the house you will be staying at

First month of A-2 visa will cost 40 CUC in stamps. Every month you will have to go and extend your visa for 25 CUC (in stamps as well). Every month you will be asked to show the same documents but the approval from the immigration officer won’t be needed anymore.
Only with this visa you will be able to stay in Cuban house.
IMPORTANT INFO: this information do not apply to Canadians who have different visa requirements and can stay in Cuba for longer than the rest of  the Passport holders.

Post updated in 2018.

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