🇬🇧 Love in Cuba and its sad reality

When I started this blog I did not imagine I would be love advisor one day. But the stats are clear…this is what you’re looking for. And let me tell you one thing, more time I spend in Cuba and more things I see less I like what some Cubans do.

And you write me your stories and ask what I think and how can you know if he is really in love. After all these years in Cuba I don’t think you can. Fallow your heart but don’t trust everything he says in the first or second date. It is really easy to cheat on someone who is 3000 miles away. Maybe that’s why we got married so fast 😀 I would not sleep calm if I was in long distance relationship with Cuban.

This is what I saw in the last 3 months in Viñales. Which makes me think…if this happen in a small town, what happens in the rest of Cuba?*

Ana’s story

Ana is my and Fidel’s best friend from Spain. We met in Poland last year but since we get with so well she decided to visit us in Cuba this winter. In one of the parties she met Yosvani, musician and Fidel’s friend from one of the bands. He was after her during few nights until he got what he wanted. He swore he was single and said he was not using facebook when she tried to add him. However he did not appear on theirplanned date the next day. When she aked him what’s going on few days after, she heard”What did you expect, you Spanish girls come here for one thing anyway”. Ana left Cuba and a week later Yosvani girlfriend came. Suprise- she is Spanish! We had no idea he had a girlfriend. And she is so nice, and so proud of her Cuban man. She does not deserve this.


Toni’s story

Toni is this cool, young, always smiling Cuban guy. Great dancer by the way. I know him since I know Fidel. In the beginning of our trip he told me: -Magda, on the 6th of December my girlfriend from Denmark comes to visit me. “Great” – I thought. But then he continued.

-But that’s not all. On the December 12th my official girlfriend comes. Please don’t tell anything to any of them.

And they both came, one after another. And he behaved the same with both. He was this loving and charming mulatto they both loved. I pulled him over and try to talk to him. He was not impressed and laugh.

Michael’s story

Michael is one of these guys who go out every day. He does not work and again, he rock salsa. He’s quite good loocking and always spends his night with another girl. I saw him with all types of women, older, younger etc. I was quite suprised when I found out he had a girlfriend. Not that suprised she was yuma from Europe. She came in January and they looked so in love, seriously so in love. The same day she left (saw them saying goodbye on the Viazul station) he was kissing another one…she was still in Cuba.

Mario’s story

Another musician in the group. Mario married an English girl who did all and more to take him back to her country. He has nice voice so in his dreams he was already making this great carrer. In reality he had to wait for permission to work and all this stuff. He was bored. So he started an affair with their neighbour, an Italian girl. Result- divorce. He is now in Cuba playing some music in the local restaurants. I asked him if he would pay for the divorce since it was his fault. He responded that he has no ittention to do so. If she wants the divorce she has to pay (as for everything else). He doesn’t mind to be marry to her.

*I have changed names and some nationalities and dates in order to tell you this story.

2 thoughts on “🇬🇧 Love in Cuba and its sad reality

  1. Yeah. Been there, done that. All those women, including me, are not stupid but naïve. Just like I was, when I heard for the first time in my life that I am ‘a woman of his life and he never loved anyone so much before’. And I did what this English girl did – sending him money to Cuba and paying for everything so he can get a passport and come to Poland. I was not only paying for everything but taking care of everything and waiting days, weeks and months till he gets used to new reality and culture (‘oh, he’s so poor, far away from home, family and friends’) and that his passiveness is just temporary due to new situation. But once he came, he preferred to become a ‘star’ in Cuban club which you and Fidel both know ;). Alcohol, other girls, lies, no responsibilities and pleasures only for him – that’s what counts in his life. Giving me back a part of money we agreed he will return once he earns? For get it!
    I realized I will never be happy with him, as the biggest love of his life is himself 🙂 And despite that break up hurt as hell, I am much better without him. He’s a Peter Pan and he won’t grow up. And every women deserves to be treated well.


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