🇬🇧 Your top 5 questions and my 5 answers

Encouraged by all your messages I decided to prepare a post for you and answer the 5 questions that appear most in your messages. Please keep emailing me! And asking stuff. Your questions are the best inspiration for the new posts.

So what do you want to know?

1.How to make a Cuban man fall in love?

Yep, that’s a tough one here. Well, a Cuban guy will fall in love with you, the same way other guy will. I don’t think there is a way to make it happen. And trust me, no recargas, no money will change it.

However I noticed that Cubans like us – foreigner girls because we are different. Different from everything and everyone they know. People I know always tell me that Cuban girls look after money and better option for life. I don’t think is always true. I know a lot of great ladies out there. However it’s true, we’re not with Cubans because of money.

The other things they like is how natural the girls are. Cuban girls going out always dress too much. There’s too much heels, too much make-up, too much naked body going on. And it scares men away.  Because in the end everyone want someone they can have fun with.

My best advice here is be yourself, have fun and the right (Cuban) guy will find you.


2.Are Cuban guys good in bed?

Hmmmmmmmmm. I’m not gonna share too much here but hey, I’m married to a Cuban guy 😉

Cubans have this fame to be good in bed and to be honest, there’s something true about it. I have spoken to so many women and most of them say that Cubans were the best they ‘ve had.

Maybe there something in the rice or maybe it’s genetic. Maybe it’s because sex is not a tabu in Cuba and people speak about it in a really open way. Sex is a part of life and people who talk about it are less frustrated. Also, Cubans do listen in bed because they enjoy sex when their partner enjoys it as well. T

Also all this tropical heat plus the fact they all dance and move their bodies well makes them great lovers.

So my answer for this question would be probably yes 🙂

I wonder what’s your experience here?


3.Are Cuban men faithful?

Another difficult one. I would say 50/50 here.

Cubans are actually really possessive and jelaous so if they are in love they will not think about other woman even if she’s standing in from of them. Naked.

But if they’re not happy or not really committed they may cheat. Like if you have this long distance relationship and see each other once a year he may look for someone else. Like all men. and women. I don’t think Cubans are crazy unfaithful here.

But more info about these things you’ll find in my post about love in Cuba. 


4.What to know when dating a Cuban man?

Well, few advises on this one. Here it goes:

  • Cuban men are jealous. About men, jobs and about you going out with your girlfriends. They want to do stuff together. That’s how they were raised. Women in ralationships in Cuba are very committed and usually stay at home. Men are ones who go out and have fun. Don’t be mad, teach him the new rules.
  • Cubans live in a beautiful but communist country with low wages and lack of everything. They will try to help you financially but you have to be ready to sponsor him if you decide to move forward with the relationship. Passport, tickets, numerous travels to Cuba, gifts, paper work, visa sponsporship and much more will be on your shoulders.
  • Having family in Cuba is not easy. You SO will support them financially and it be on the same place on his list of priorities as everything else. You can fight with it or you can help him to support them.
  • Last but not least. You may not be the only one he’s dating. I’m talking about situation when he’s in Cuba and you’re away. Some people just want to change their lives and desperately leave the country. That’s something we are all afraid of, but really hard to spot.


5. What do Cuban men like?

Some tips. Not necesarily in that order 🙂

  • Cuban beer.
  • “Joder” with their friends.
  • Grilled meat. The more the better.
  • Happy people.
  • Spending time with their families, including kids.




Waiting for more questions to answer!

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