🇬🇧 Are Cubans the only bad ones here?

I wrote so many things about how Cubans are using Yumas for different purposes. But I came into a conclusion it’s not 100% fair. Because in this crazy world we’ll find good and not that good people anywhere. So if we talk about how Cubans use foreigners, maybe it’s time to say how foreigners may be using Cubans.

You’ll think I am crazy now. What can people possibly want from Cubans who have so little. Well let me tell you. There are some things that money can’t buy.

Of course as always this is my point of view and it’s totally based on my personal observations. All the situations happend though when I was living in Cuba. And some of the people don’t even think they are using somebody because they feel some sort of simpathy towards him/her or they think they are actually in love.

How and why are Yumas taking advantages of Cuba then?

1.To move to Cuba. For some it’s just an crazy idea, for other a dream. Most of people don’t really know how the real life in Cuba looks like. It’s easy to enjoy the island with the bank account full of money and a ticket back. But still Cuba have something that we lack of and makes us want to leave everything and move there. But if you are not that lucky and you don’t work as press correspondent or diplomatic staff you’ll be able to stay only for a short period of time.

How to stay for longer? Marry a Cuban citizen and ask for pernament residency. Voila! You are now allowed to live the dream.


2.To buy stuff in Cuba. Don’t you dream about an apartment in Havana? Or a beach house? Or a place that you could rent to tourists and make money? But wait a minute, as foreigner you can’t do it really. But Cuban can. And a person married to a Cuban and with pernament residency can as well….


3.To see “real Cuban life”. You know these backpackers who want to get to the end of the world and live like locals, eat like locals, travel like locals, live with locals? People, who get excited when seeing women washing clothes in river because it’s so cool. Well when they get to Cuba they really can’t do it. They will be forced to stay at the hotels or rooms for rent but they will probably never stay at real Cuban house. But wait, if they get the family visa they will! They will probably break some Cuban heart on the way.


4.To have exotic latino and tell friends all around about it. I have the impression that some people fall in love with Cubans…only because they are Cubans. And if they had the same personality and character but different passport they would never look at them. But they are Cubans, they dance so well and there’s a reason to visit beautiful Cuba every now and then.


In the end I think is less cruel than marrying someone to get out of the island. But using is using.


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