🇬🇧 10 things you may not know about us

1. I used to suffer from both, sleep paralysis and lunatism when I was little.

2. Fidel grew up in Matanzas (next to Varadero) but in “periodo especial” so it wasn’t that nice and sunny after all.


3. I grew up next to Oświęcim (close to Auschwitz Concentration Camp).                                  20170417_113014-1

4. Fidel believes in Yoruba religion. He is not baptized and we did not got married in church. We got married like this:

5. I used to be vegetarian…until I moved to Cuba and chicken just appeared on my plate. The life of the chicken has ended along with my vegetarianism.                             20160508_201619869

6. Fidel has 2 nices that he basically raised. He loves kids.                              IMG_20160228_184429

7. My favorite movie ever is “The Showshank Redemption”.

8. We use my parents weeding rings.

9. I met Fidel on my 3rd trip to Cuba.12250153_10208071296523382_5759925963461965843_n

10. I moved to Cuba after 6 month from the first date. In this time we only met twice, each time for a week more less. 

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