🇬🇧 It’s been a year

So it’s been a year since I moved to Cuba. And few months since we’ve moved to Poland. It’s been a great year full of love, great experiences, new friendships.  But don’t think to stop and we work on few new projects we hope you’ll love. But know a bit of Now and Then. This is what changed in the last year.

I know we don’t look really exited on this photo 😛 But it was late and we tried so hard to not have stupid faces 🙂 We’re still happy and even with all the cultural differences we managed not to kill each other 😀 😉

Apululu has grown so much since we’ve seen her for the last time.

The house has grown a bit 🙂 The biggest issue in Cuba is lack of materials but Fidel’s brother is taking care of everything. Can’t wait until it’s finished!!

Fidel manged to find a job as a musician in a Cuban bar. Soon him and his friends are launching a new band 🙂 so exited about this!

As for me, from the hostel worked I turned into an office worker. I really like my job but there are days I really miss the crazy hostel shifts at Goodmorning Hostel 🙂

The view has changed definitely. But it’s still the same sun 🙂

Really curious how the next year will look like:)

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