🇬🇧 Cuban Spanish

All the people who speaks Spanish come to Cuba with the 'I'll be fine" feeling. And then Cubans open their mouth, and you're like "What the hell are you talking to me?!" . I'm not fair, they do make an effort when they speak to you but between Cubans...it's just a different story. Cuba was … Continue reading 🇬🇧 Cuban Spanish

🇬🇧 Living in Cuba: food

Food in Cuba is rather...limited. In all the ways. In one hand there's rationing system so things like rice, eggs, oil, beans are provided and may be bought for "libreta" which is a little book where it's written how much of each product you have a right to buy. Since Cuba almost don't import anything … Continue reading 🇬🇧 Living in Cuba: food

🇬🇧 My 3 favorite movies about Havana

1 ) Habana Blues I could watch this movie again and again. And then maybe...again.  Habana Blues is a story of two friends and musicians Ruy and Toro. They get discovered by a Spanish record company and have a chance of leaving the island if only they change the lyrics and music to gain more … Continue reading 🇬🇧 My 3 favorite movies about Havana