🇬🇧 Are Cubans the only bad ones here?

I wrote so many things about how Cubans are using Yumas for different purposes. But I came into a conclusion it's not 100% fair. Because in this crazy world we'll find good and not that good people anywhere. So if we talk about how Cubans use foreigners, maybe it's time to say how foreigners may … Continue reading 🇬🇧 Are Cubans the only bad ones here?

🇬🇧 5 Things you can´t do in Cuba

In every country you´ll visit there will be some dos and don´ts. In Poland (at least where I live) for example you can´t cut you lawn on Sunday 😂. Yep, we are still so Catholic in some places. What about Cuba? A country with quite liberal society? Well here it goes, 5 things you should … Continue reading 🇬🇧 5 Things you can´t do in Cuba

🇬🇧 Getting married with Cuban citizen

I have already written about my small Cuban wedding a year ago. But since there are so many girls who are thinking about getting married I gather all the information in one place to make it easier. GETTING MARRIED IN CUBA If you plan to get married in Cuba as foreigner you have to present: … Continue reading 🇬🇧 Getting married with Cuban citizen

🇬🇧 Things you should know before saying ” I do” 💍 to your Cuban love

I know lately I've been a bit monotonic with my posts. However more I am writing about relationships with Cubans, more things I discover. Today I'll write about the things you should know before getting engaged to your Cuban love. Or if you're already engaged, before marrying him. Things I´ve learned along the way 🙂 … Continue reading 🇬🇧 Things you should know before saying ” I do” 💍 to your Cuban love

🇬🇧 Cuban cars 🇨🇺

The iconic old cars 🚗 are often one of the main reasons we travel to Cuba 🇨🇺. The island 🏝️ is a big, live, motor museum. We love these cars. They look amazing on the streets of Cuba. It´s the only place in the world you will see so many of them still running. And what´s the … Continue reading 🇬🇧 Cuban cars 🇨🇺