🇬🇧 How I ended up in Cuba

I wish I could tell you that I've been dreaming about Cuba since I was a kid. That to see the old americans cars, drink a moijito was my ultimate number 1 on my bucket list. No it really wasn't. Actually I didn't know that much about Cuba. I've read 1 book by that time … Continue reading 🇬🇧 How I ended up in Cuba

🇬🇧 10 things you may not know about us

1. I used to suffer from both, sleep paralysis and lunatism when I was little. 2. Fidel grew up in Matanzas (next to Varadero) but in "periodo especial" so it wasn't that nice and sunny after all. 3. I grew up next to Oświęcim (close to Auschwitz Concentration Camp).               … Continue reading 🇬🇧 10 things you may not know about us

🇬🇧 Few things we miss about Cuba. And few we don’t.

It's been 6 months since we've to Poland. And we both miss Viñales every day. After 6 months Fidel finally got the permission to stay in Poland and I've just started a new job. All going well. But there are some things about Cuba we miss like crazy and can't wait until the house is finished … Continue reading 🇬🇧 Few things we miss about Cuba. And few we don’t.

🇬🇧 What’s new in Viñales

We left beautiful Viñales 5 months ago and we´re both crazy to go back. I like Poland, I really do but: It´s freeking cold Rum is too expensive here We miss Apululu We decided to go to Poland for sometime because getting the house finished took much more time and effort that we expected. To … Continue reading 🇬🇧 What’s new in Viñales

🇬🇧 Schengen visa for a Cuban

I am so used to world of UE and Schengen Zone that I've never thought getting a visa to visit a country would be such a problem. As a Polish citizen I can visit 153 countries without visa. Pretty good right? Cubans can go to 34 countries... When we first though about going to Poland … Continue reading 🇬🇧 Schengen visa for a Cuban

🇬🇧 Things I´ve learned from Cubans

Living in Cuba with Fidel it´s been a learning process. Cubans are so open and easy going that in no time I´ve became a part of the family. There are so many things that still annoys me but I have definitely learn some things one day I take with me to Europe. And here it … Continue reading 🇬🇧 Things I´ve learned from Cubans

🇬🇧 It´s been 3 months

Time flies and just like that it´s been 3 months since I´ve been here. Here are the news: 1) Cubans don´t want to give me the pernament residency even after being married to a Cuban citizen... 2) I´ve survived my first flood after a tropical rain. 3) After a mango season and eating mango, mango … Continue reading 🇬🇧 It´s been 3 months

🇬🇧 10 things I hate and 10 things I love about Cuba

Little resume today since it´s been over three months since I´ve moved here. Let´s start with the hate part and finish with some love. 10 things I hate about Cuba: 1) Bureaucratic system which is by the way not efficient. We got married 5 weeks ago and the marriage certification sill haven´t arrived. It will … Continue reading 🇬🇧 10 things I hate and 10 things I love about Cuba